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Seed Exchange 2003

The following seeds are offered in this year’s exchange at a cost to members of $0.50 per packet. Orders are limited to one packet per variety and please list alternates in case certain varieties are sold out. Return your seed order to Don Hyatt with check payable to Potomac Valley Chapter ARS before February 5, 2003.

Seed donors: Beaudry, Goodrich, Hyatt, Jolley, Kaelin, McLellan, Schild, Wallenmeyer, White, and Wise.
Key: hp - hand pollinated, cw - collected in the wild, and op - open pollintated)

Rhododendron and Azalea Species   (hp, cw, or op)

1. atlanticum, cw Prince George, VA (Mc)
2. atlanticum, op (Ka)
3. arborescens, cw Blackwater River, WV (Jo)
4. arborescens, hp (Hy, Wi)
5. austrinum, op (Wh)
6. calendulaceum, cw Engine Gap, NC (Hy)
7. canescens, op (Wh)
8. catawbiense, cw Roan Mt., NC (Hy)
9. carolinianum, op (Wh)
10. cumberlandense, cw Goss Gate, TN (Sc)
11. cumberlandense, cw Hinch Mt., TN (Sc)
12. cumberlandense, op (Wh)
13. dilitatum, op (Ka)
14. fortunei, op (Hy, Be)
15. fortunei, white form, op (Go)
16. houlstonii, op (Go)
17. hyperythrum, op (Be, Go)
18. kaempferi 'Eastern Fire', op (Ka)
19. kiusianum, op (Be)
20. macrosepalum, op (Sc)
21. makinoi, op (Hy)
22. maximum, cw Tucker Co., WV (Jo)
23. metternianum album, op (Go)
24. metternichii, op (Hy, Go)
25. metternichii var. tsukushianum, op (Go)
26. micranthum, op (Go)
27. minus op (Be)
28. prinophyllum (roseum), Dolly Sods, WV (Hy)
29. prunifolium, op (Wh)
30. schlippenbachii, op (Wh, Be, Go)
31. schlippenbachii Birch Form, op (Go)
32. serotinium, op (Go)
33. strigulosum, op Stanley Park (Be)
34. vaseyi, op (Wh)
35. vernicosum 'Fragrant Stranger', op (Go)
36. weyrichii, op (Be)
37. yakushimanum, op UBC, Canada (Be)

Rhododendron Crosses, Hand Pollinated (hp)

38. Great Smokey x Perfectly Pink (Hy)
39. ((Hawk-Idealist) x Wheatley ) x Mary Belle (Hy)
40. Janet Blair x (Golden Star x Jalisco-yak) (Be)
41. Janet Blair x Great Smokey (Hy)
42. Janet Blair x Mary Belle (Hy)
43. Nestucca x calophytum (Be)
44. Nestucca x (Golden Star x Jalisco-yak) #1 (Be)
45. Queen Annes x Rothschild's Avocet (Be)
46. (Scintillation x Hardy Giant) x Marie Starks (Be)

Azalea Crosses, Hand Pollinated (hp)

47. Cecile x Chetco (Hy)
48. Cecile x Windsor Butter Cup (Hy)
49. Chetco x Bright Straw (Hy)
50. Gregory White x Gregory Candy Stripe (Hy)
51. Gregory Candy Stripe x Gregory Pink Star (Hy)
52. (serrulatum x prunifolium) x White Lightning (Hy)
53. Weston's Lollipop x White Lightning (Hy)
54. Weston's Lollipop x Gregory Pink Star (Hy)

Rhododendron Hybrids, Open Pollinated (op)

55. (aberconwayi x fortunei) (Hy)
56. aberconwayi hybrid, op (Go)
57. Alena (Ka)
58. Atroflo - adenopodum (Ka)
59. (Brookville - Mary Garrison) x (Yellow 9-59 x Tan) (Be)
60. Cadis (Hy)
61. Caroline (Hy)
62. Catfortcampy #2 - Mary Garrison (Go)
63. Dexter's Peppermint (Be)
63. Disca (Hy, Be)
64. Disca - Autumn Gold (Go)
65. Dr. Rock (Go, Be)
66. (Epoch x augustinii) (Ka)
67. fortunei - Madonna (Go)
68. fortunei x (Disca - Autumn Gold) (Go)
69. GiGi (Ka)
70. Hardy Loderi - Madonna (Go)
71. Janet Blair (Ka)
72. Katherine Dalton (Go)
73. Lytle Lady (Be)
74. Mary Garrison (Go)
75. Mt. Siga (Go)
76. Sheer Pink (Go)
77. Skyglow (Ka)
78. smirnowii-yak (Go)
79. (wardii-discolor F2) x Disca (Go)
80. (yakushimaum - metternichii) (Hy)

Evergreen Azaleas, Open Pollinated (op)

81. Allure (Be, Hy)
82. Bayou (Hy)
83. Beltsville Dwarf orchid #551 (Be)
84. Ben Morrison (Hy)
85. Big Joe (Go)
86. Cleopatra (Hy)
87. Corsage (Hy)
88. Dayspring (Hy)
89. Dream (Hy)
90. Marion Lee (Hy)
91. Maxwellii (Hy)
92. Orchido (Ka)
93. Pink Cloud (Hy)
94. Pocono Pink (Hy)
95. Polar Sea (Hy)
96. Tara (Ka)
97. Vespers (Hy)
98. White Jade (Ka)

Deciduous Azaleas, Open Pollinated (op)

99. Admiral Semmes (Hy)
100. Crimson Tide (Ka)
101. Chetco (Hy)
102. Golden Flare (Hy)
103. Goldflakes (Hy)
104. Light Orange Knaphill (Hy)
105. Marydell F2 (Wa)
106. Marina (Hy)
107. Mixed Knaphill Hybrids (Wh)
108. prunifolium - arborescens (Ka)
109. Sweet Christy (Ka)
110. Red Knap Hill Hybrid, King Estate (Wh)
Copyright © Donald W. Hyatt