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The Potomac Valley Chapter currently publishes four to five newsletters each year. Below are links to online versions of the most recent issues.

2022 Newsletters

  • Winter 2022
    Virtual Meeting: R. austrinum in the Wild by Ralf Bauer, In Memoriam Tributes, Dealing with Snow, Rhododendrons of the Year, Chapter Seed Exchange

2021 Newsletters

  • Fall 2021
    Fall meeting with Karel Bernady: "Rhododendron Eclectic", Picnic Scenes, ARS the Virtual Symposium, Daffodils as Companion Plants
  • Summer 2021
    Picnic Plans, Rhododendron maximum by Carol Segree, Late Blooming Rhododendrons, Wildflower Companions for Summer Color, Coleus and Daylilies
  • Spring 2021
    Thoughts on My Garden, Visiting Local Gardens after Vaccination: Cosby Garden, Dave and Leslie Garden, Richard Bradshaw Garden, Carol Segree Garden, Bob and Rosa McWhorter Garden, Londontown Gardens
  • Winter 2021
    Virtual Convention Details, Rhododendron arboreum, R. luteum and Mad Honey, Rhododendrons of the Year, Lepidote Rhododendrons, Chapter Seed Exchange

2020 Newsletters

  • Newsletter Supplements in 2020 - Weekly Garden Comments During the Coronavirus Lock Down
    This Week 1 - Flower Pictures from District 9 (3/22/2020)
    This Week 2 - R. austrinum in Florida (3/28/2020)
    This Week 3 - No April Fool's Joke? - Pretty Spring with No Freeze (4/4/2020)
    This Week 4 - Missing the Masters - A Garden in Georgia (4/11/2020)
    This Week 5 - Did I Speak Too Soon? - Surviving Another Freeze (4/18/2020)
    This Week 6 - Remembering Good Friends (4/25/2020)
    This Week 7 - April Flowers Bring May Flowers - Segree Garden, Tree Peonies (5/2/2020)
    This Week 8 - Happy Mother's Day! - Heritage Flowers and More Friends (5/9/2020)
    This Week 9 - The Merry Month of May - Spring in the Appalachians with R. vaseyi (5/16/2020)
    This Week 10 - The Midas Touch - Yellow Rhododendrons (5/23/2020)
    This Week 11 - Rhdodendron prunifolium (8/13/2020)
    This Week 12 - Happy Thanksgiving - Appreciating Fall Color (11/26/2020)

  • Fall 2020
    Schedule Changes due to Covid-19, Rhododendron of the Year Selections, Reflections on Charles Dexter
  • Summer 2020
    The Field Trip That Didn't Happen - Roan Mountain, Gregory Bald, Hooper Bald, Commentary about the USFS proposed Land Management Plan for the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests in the Southern Appalachians
          Essay on the Appalachians - Just the commentary on the USFS proposed Land Management Plan
  • Spring 2020
    The Azaleas of Sandra McDonald, Photography Contest Results, How to Make a Cross, Update on the White Garden
  • Winter 2020
    Maria Price Speaks on Herbs, Gray Carter Memorial Dedication, Rhododedrons of the Year, Nursery Field Trip Plants, Gardens to at the 75th Anniversary Convention, 2020 Seed Exchange

2019 Newsletters

  • Fall Supplement 2019
    Banquet with Steve Krebs, Update on the Gray Carter Memorial, Pictures from the Picnic, Director's Report
  • Fall 2019
    The Mystery of the 'Red Max', Problems with Rhododendron Names, R. calendulaceum 'Best Red', Images from the June Moutain Trips and the Azalea Festival in Robbinsville, NC
  • Summer 2019
    Workshop on Rooting Rhododendron Cuttings, Remembering Harry Weiskittel and the Marshy Point Azaleas, Report on the ARS Convention in Philadelphia.
  • Late Spring 2019 Supplement
    Mountain Trip Plans: Contact points and information about the joint chapter hiking trip in June to see native azaleas and rhododendrons in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • Spring 2019
    Photography Contest Results, March Meeting: Charlie Andrews speaks on "American Native Azalea Natural Hybrids," Native Azaleas and Genetics, Hurricane Creek Native Azalea Hybrids, Gregory Bald Hybrids, Pennsylvalia Nursery Trip Plans.
  • Winter 2019
    Photography Contest Rules, January Meeting Focus: The Appalachian Tail with "thru-hiker" Mike Robbins, Chapter News, Nursery Trip Plans, 2019 Rhododendron of the Year Awards, Too Much Rain, Local Chapter Seed Exchange

2018 Newsletters

  • Fall 2018
    Picnic Plans, Remembering Gray Carter, District Director REport, Incredible German Gardens: Hachmann Nursery & Bruns Nursery, How Rachel Yungman makes Leaf Castings.
  • Summer 2018
    Upcoming Talk by Rachel Yungman on Leaf Castings, Early Spring Garden Treks to Nurseries and Gardens, Our Potomac Valley Chapter ARS Garden Tour, International Conference in Bremen, Germany, ARS Gold Medal Awards, Azalea Festival in Robbinsville, NC
  • Spring 2018
    Photography Contest Results, Thoughts on the Reiley Garden, Rooting Dormant Cuttings
  • Winter 2018
    Thoughts on the 2017 ARS Convention in Eureka, Some Images of Yosemite and the Medocino Botanical Garden, Rhododedrons of the Year for 2018, War on Deer!, Local Chapter Seed Exchange

2017 Newsletters

  • Fall 2017
    Picnic plans, Fall Banquet Registration: Steve Henning - "Rhododendrons and Gardens in Scotland", Thoughts on Scotland, Garden Tour Reflections, Dues notices, The Pilkington Garden, Images of Germany: ARS 2018!
    Supplement 4: Rhododendron of the Year Award Nominees - We Need Your Input!
  • Summer 2017
    Karel Bernady to lead Grafting Workshop, Detailed Instructions on Side Grafting, Reflections on the November Wildfire Damage at Wayah Bald, Images from this year's Mountain Hikes
    Supplement 3: Plans for Mountain Hikes in 2017
  • Spring 2017
    Barbara Bullock, Curator of the Azalea Collection at the National Arboretum, to speak on the Glenn Dale Azaleas, Some History on the Glenn Dale Azaleas, Carolyn and Paul Beck receive Bronze Medal, Photo Contest Results, Mountain Hikes - Part 2
    Supplement 2: Plans for an April field trip to nurseries in Pennsylvania to buy plants
    Supplement 1: Plans for a March field trip to nurseries in North Carolina to buy plants
  • Winter 2017
    Christopher Lewis to speak on Bees and Honeybees, Rhododendron of the Year Awards, Director's Report, Photo Contest Rules, Mountain Hikes - Part 1, Seed Exchange

2016 Newsletters

  • Fall 2016
    Chapter Picnic Plans, Remembering Don Voss, Update on the White Garden, The Reality of Deer Damage, Fall Banquet Registration
  • Summer 2016
    How to root azalea cuttings, Williamsburg Convention Reflections, Garden Tour Pictures, ARS Gold Medals: Norman Beaudry and Bill Mangels
    June 2016 Mountain Trip: Hikes to see native azaleas in the wild
  • Spring 2016  
    Martha Brettschneider: "The Garden as Mindfulness Mentor", Photography Contest Winners, Pennsylvania Nursery Trip Plans
    Supplement: North Carolina Nursery Trip Update
  • Winter 2016  
    Photography Contest, Trip Plans, Bronze Medal Award: Richard and Ginny Mohr, Bronze Medal Award: Bob and Rosa McWhorter, Williamsburg Convention Plans, Chapter Seed Exchange

2015 Newsletters

  • Fall 2015  
    Chapter Picnic, Fall Banquet with Steve Kristoph, Thoughts on an Aging Garden by an Aging Gardener
  • Summer 2015  
    Rooting Cuttings, Upcoming Activites,Garden Travels 2015
    June 2015 Mountain Trip Plans: Hikes to see native azaleas in the wild
  • Early Spring 2015  
    Janet Draper: The "Evolution of the Mary Livingston Ripley Garden",Spring Trip Plans, Photography Contest Winners
    Supplement: Flower Show, Garden Tours, Pennsylvania Nursery Trip
  • Winter 2015  
    Photography Contest, North Carolina Nursery Trip Plans, Director's Report, Evergreen Azaleas from Germany, 2015 Chapter Seed Exchange

2014 Newsletters

  • Fall 2014  
    Karen Rexrode Presentation: The Quest for the Best: Plant Exploration, Pot Bound: Transplanting Overgrown Plants, Fall Banquet Registration: Harold Greer
  • Summer 2014  
    Picnic Plans, Plants For Members - Native Azaleas, Seeking Smokianum: A Compact Purple Form of R. minus, Update on Grafting Project
  • Spring 2014  
    George McLellan - The Winter Garden, Photography Contest Winners, Pennsylvania Nursery Trip Plans, Lepidote Rhododendrons
    Winter Garden Addendum - More Plant Recommendations from George McLellan
  • Winter 2014  
    Grafting Illustrated, Photography Contest, North Carolina Nursery Trip Plans, Director's Report, 2014 Chapter Seed Exchange

2013 Newsletters

  • Fall 2013  
    Fall Banquet with Ron Rabideau on "Plant Hunting in the Himalayas", The Himalayas and Arunachal Pradesh, More on Williamsburg 2016 Convention Plans, Thoughts on Rhododendron Species
  • Summer 2013  
    John Lonsdale on "Woodland Treasures", Williamsburg 2016 Convention Plans, Director's Report, Two West Coast Hybridizers: Jim Barlup and Frank Fujioka
  • Spring 2013  
    Norm Beaudry Speaks on the 5/5/5 Rhododendron, Photography Contest Winners, Flower Show Plans, Update on Field Trips
  • Winter 2013  
    Photography Contest, Update on Banquet, North Carolina Nursery Trip Plans, Director's Report, Cool Tool: the Weed Wrench, Remembering Good Friends, Seed Exchange

2012 Newsletters

  • Late Summer / Fall 2012  
    Rhododendron Registration, Review of the Garden Tours, Asheville Convention, Volunteering at the White Garden,
    Fall Banquet Announcement 2012  
    George Woodard - "In Search of Little Epiphanies"
  • Late Spring 2012  
    Chapter Garden Tour, District Director's Report, Volunteering at the White Garden, Making a Cross, Chapter Picnic Plans, Recipes
  • Early Spring 2012  
    Trip Updates, Photography Contest Winners, Thoughts on Propagation and Grafting, Save the Azaleas - Arboretum Update, Storm Damage at the Rhododendron Species Foundation
  • Winter 2012  
    Bicolor Rhododendrons, Photography Contest Rules, Director's Report, The Great Azalea Planting, Chapter Seed Exchange

2011 Newsletters

  • Fall 2011  
    Fall Banquet: Steve Hootman, Plants on Ice Mountain by Jean Beaudry and Carol Segree, Big Leaf Rhododendrons
  • Summer 2011  
    Gray Carter turns 90, National Arboretum Field Trip, Director's Report, Update on the White Garden, Hooper Bald Project Rooting Rhododendron Cuttings, Winning Photo Contest Entries
  • Spring 2011  
    Arboretum Update: Save the Azaleas, North Carolina Nursery Trek, Winter Storm Damage
  • Winter 2011  
    Arboretum proposes to cut down the Glenn Dale Azaleas, Chapter Seed Exchange

2010 Newsletters

  • Fall 2010  
    Fall Banquet: Mike Stewart, Director's Report, Variegated Plants, Rhododendron makinoi
  • Summer 2010  
    Flower Show Results, ARS Convention on Long Island, Don Voss receives Gold Medal, Rhododendrons in Germany, Mountain Trips and the "Red Max"
  • Spring 2010  
    Clean up at the White Garden, Asian Ambrosia Beetles, Sandwich Club Meeting
  • Early Spring 2010  
    Snowmageddon, Rooting Dormant Cuttings, Remembering Margaret White, Photography Contest Winners
  • Winter 2010  
    Phyllis Rittman receives Bronze Medal, Remembering Jane Goodrich, President's Message from Bob McWhorter, Upcoming Trips, Chapter Seed Exchange

2009 Newsletters

  • Late Fall 2009  
    Fall Banquet: Bruce Feller, The Garden Blues: Color in the Garden, Remembering Hanak Schannen,
  • Early Fall 2009  
    Dr. John Creech: Remembering a Legend, Frederick Coe Garden Bulldozed, The Ericaceae: the Heath Family
  • Summer 2009  
    Chapter Picnic, Margaret White celebrates her 103rd Birthday, Photography Contest Winners, Jean and Norman Beaudry receive ARS Silver Medal, Spring Garden Travels
  • Spring 2009  
    New Flower Show Categories, Update on the Asian Ambrosia Beetle, North Carolina Nursery Trek Plans
  • Winter 2009  
    Raising Rhododendrons and Azaleas from Seed, Chapter Seed Exchange, Hooper Bald Project

2008 Newsletters

  • Fall 2008  
    Fall Banquet: The History of the Cowles, Dexters, and Related Hybrids, The 2008 Sandwich Club Trip, In Memory of George Miller, June Chapter Field Trips: Roan Mountain and Gregory Bald
  • Summer 2008  
    The Asian Ambrosia Beetle, Storm Damage, Flower Show Results, Report on Scotland
  • Spring 2008  
    Results of the Chapter Photo Contest, Preparing for the Hikes: Roan Mountain and Gregory Bald, Flower Show Workshop, Possible Side Tours on the Cape Cod Field Trip
  • Winter 2008  
    Rhododendron Metternianum, Report from the District Director, 2008 Seed Exchange, Additions to the Chapter Library: Videos

2007 Newsletters

  • Fall 2007  
    Weeding by John Perkins, Roan Mountain and Gregory Bald Field Trip 2007, Rhododendron vaseyi and the Southern Appalachians, The Legacy of Augie Kehr, The Haag Garden, The Sandwich Club Trip
  • Summer 2007  
    Flower Show Results, West Coast Convention, District Meeting, Chapter Field Trip to Peaks of Otter, Trip to Gable's Homestead
  • Spring 2007  
    Chapter Photo Contest Winners, District 9 Meeting, Winter Woes, Rooting Dormant Cuttings
  • Winter 2007  
    The Lesser known Gables by Jane Goodrich, 2007 Seed Exchange

2006 Newsletters

2005 Newsletters

2004 Newsletters

2003 Newsletters

  • Fall 2003
    Jeanine Smith to Speak on New Zealand, Jane Goodrich discusses the Leseer Known Gable Rhododendrons, Botanical Correctness, Azalea Species
  • Summer 2003
    Flower Show 2003 Results, Paul James Garden and the Delps
  • Late Spring 2003
    Chapter Field Trip to Roanoke and the Garden of Paul James, District Meeting 9 Meeting Recap, R. arboreum from India
  • Spring 2003
    Paul James to Speak, Norman Beaudry Discusses the Sandwich Club, Chapter Good Doer Survey
  • Winter 2003
    Rooting Cuttings During the Winter, Making a Cross, Planting Seed, 2003 Seed Exchange

2002 Newsletters

  • Fall 2002
    Steve Hootman to Speak on China, Rhododendron Species from China, Ask The Experts
  • Summer 2002
    Report on the Chapter Field Trip, Carefree Comnanion Plants
  • Spring 2002 Jim Gears to Speak on the Southern Appalachian Highlands, Plans for the Chapter Field Trip to Roan Mountain and Gregory Bald
  • Winter 2002
    2002 Seed Exchange, Raising Rhododendrons and Azaleas from Seed

2001 Newsletters

  • Fall 2001
    Good Doer Rhododendrons, Problems with Deer
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