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Seed Exchange 2005

How to Order

The following seeds are offered in this year’s exchange only to Members and Associate Members of the Potomac Valley Chapter ARS at a cost of $0.50 per packet. Orders are limited to one packet per variety but please list alternates in case certain varieties are sold out. Return your seed order to Don Hyatt <Don@donaldhyatt.com > with check payable to Potomac Valley Chapter ARS on or before January 30, 2005. Available seed will be divided among those requesting the variety and orders will be mailed in early February, 2005.


We wish to thank our contributors: Be: Norman and Jean Beaudry (Bethesda, MD), Cp: Doug Chapman (Athens, AL), Ch: Vijay Chandhok (Pittsburgh, PA), Cr: Mike Creel (Lexington, SC), Fl: Bruce Feller (Old Field, NY), Ge: Jim Gears (Notingham, PA), Go: Jane Goodrich (Vienna, VA), Hy: Don Hyatt (McLean, VA), Ki: Bob King (Frostburg, MD), Mo: Richard Mohr (Potomac, MD), Wh: Margaret White (Falls Church, VA).

Key: hp - hand pollinated, cw - collected in the wild, and op - open pollintated)
(Pictures to be posted soon!)

Rhododendron and Azalea Species   (hp or cw)

1. arborescens, compact, Wayah Bald, NC, (Hy)
2. calendulacuen, BYM mix (Big Yellow Mt.) (Hy)
3. calendulaceum BYM ‘Jacob’s Coat’, cw (Hy)
4. calendulaceum BYM ‘Big Red’, cw (Hy)
5. calendulaceum BYM bicolor, cw (Hy)
6. calendulaceum BYM orange w/ yellow, (Hy)
7. calendulaceum, EG mix (Engine Gap, NC)
8. calendulaceum, EG large orange, cw (Hy)
9. calendulaceum, EG orange-red, cw (Hy)
10. calendulacuem, HB mix (Hooper Bald, NC.) (Hy)
11. calendulacuem, HB ‘Hooper Pumpkin’ (Hy)
12. calendulacuem, HB large gold, cw, (Hy)
13. calendulacuem, HB orange red, cw, (Hy)
14. calendulaceum, JB mix (Jane Bald, NC), (Hy)
15. calendulaceum, JB ‘Roan Molten Lava’ (Hy)
16. calendulaceum, JB orange-yellow, cw (Hy)
17. calendulacuem, MR mix (Mt. Rogers, VA) (Hy)
18. campanulatum (aff.), cw, 11,000 ft, Pindar – Kafni Glaciers, India (Ch)
19. canescens, cw, Limestone Co, AL (Cp)
20. canescens, cw, Winston Co, AL (Cp)
21. catawbiense, cw, Grassy Ridge, NC (Hy)
22. flammeum ‘Springfield’ x flammeum ‘Tampa Branch’, hp, (Cr)
23. prinophyllum, cw, Dolly Sods, WV (Ge)
24. prunifolium ‘David Ellis’ x prunifolium (early flowering selection), hp (Cr)
25. vaseyi, pink cw Mt. Pisgah, NC. (Hy)

Rhododendron and Azalea Species   (op)

26. alabamense, op, Limestone Co, AL, (Cp)
27. anwheiense, op, (Hy)
28. arborescens, var. georgiana, op (Ge)
29. arborescens, large flower, op, (Hy)
30. carolinianum, album, op(Wh)
31. carolinianum, op, pink (Wh)
32. chapmanii, op, (Hy)
33. cumberlandense (bakeri), op (Wh)
34. flammeum, Adcock orange, op (Ge)
35. flammeum, Adcock hot pink, op (Ge)
36. fortunei, white, op (Go)
37. keiskei, compact yellow, op, (Hy)
38. hyperythrum, pink op (Be)
39. hyperythrum, white, op (Hy)
40. kiusianum, op (Hy, Be)
41. makinoi, op (Hy)
42. metternianum alba, op (Go)
43. metternichii, op (Ki)
44. metternichii, v. tsukushianum, op (Go)
45. minus, op (Hy)
46. prunifolium, op (Wh)
47. schlippenbachii, Birch form, op (Go)
48. schlippenbachii, Feller’s pink, op (Fl)
49. schlippenbachii, light pink, op (Wh)
50. vaseyi, pink, op (Wh)
51. vernicosum ‘Fragrant Stranger’, op (Go)
52. viscosum, op (Hy)
53. yakusimanum, op (Ki)

Rhododendron Crosses, Hand Pollinated (hp)

54. [(Brookville x Mary Garrison) x (Yellow 9-59 x Tan)] x [Kay Kay x Apritan] (Be)
55. Fantastica x Hanna Hersey (Hy)
56. Fantastica x Hardy Loderi (Hy)
57. Fantastica x (yak- metternichii) (Hy)
58. Gilbert Myers x Hardy Giant (Be)
59. John C. White x Martha Phipps (Hy)
60. Kay Kay-Apritan (Beaudry #1) x metternichii, Hyatt form (Be)
61. (Mary Belle-Yak x Martha Phipps) x Hardy Giant (Be)
62. Nestucca x Hardy Giant (Be)
63. Queen Annes x Almost (Be)
64. Shaazam x metternichii, Hyatt form (Be) 

Elepidote Rhododendron Hybrids, Open Pollinated (op)

65. Disca, op (Hy)
66. Dr. Rock, op (Go)
67. Hardy Giant, op (Be)
68. Jane's “Almost Orange” (477,1) op (Go)
69. Mary Garrison, op (Go)
70. Mary K, op (Go)
71. Midnight Mystique, op (Mo)
72. Mt Siga, op (Go)

Evergreen Azalea Crosses, Hand Pollinated (hp)

73. Bayou x Caitlin Marie, hp (Hy)
74. Festive x Satcherstern, hp (Hy)
75. Satcherstern x Lovely Linda, hp (Hy)
76. Walter’s Pinwheel x Vuyk’s Scarlet, hp (Hy)

Evergreen Azalea Crosses, Open Pollinated (op)

77. Allure, op (Hy)
78. Ambrosia, op (near Rose Greeley) (Hy)
79. Betty Christopher, op (Hy)
80. Coral Sea, op (Hy)
81. Dayspring, op (near Rose Greeley) (Hy)
82. Dream, op (near Treasure) (Hy)
83. Glacier, op (Hy)
84. Komo Kulshan, op (Be)
85. Koromo Shikibu, op (Hy)
86. Leprechaun (Beltsville Dwarf), op (Be)
87. Little White Lie (Beltsville Dwf.), op (Be)
88. Marion Lee, op (near Glacier & St. James)
89. Pocono Pink, op (Hy)
90. Treasure, op (near Dream) (Hy)

Deciduous Azaleas, Hand Pollinated (hp)

91. arborescens “Judd’s Arb” x prunifolium “David Ellis”, hp (Cr) 92. prunifolium-arborescens ‘Summer Lyric’ x arborescens ‘Judd’s Arb’, hp, (Cr)
93. Snowbird x Klondike (Hy)

Deciduous Azaleas, Open Pollinated (op)

94. Galle’s Choice Cream (atlanticum x austrinum), op (Cr)
95. Knaphill Hybrids (mixed), op (Hy)
96. Red Knap Hill (King Estate), op (Wh)
97. calendulaceum ‘Keowee Sunset’ x flammeum, (orange, red) op, (Cr)
98. canescens x periclymenoides, op (near cumberlandense ‘Sunburst’), (Cr)
99. Dodd’s Hotspur x austrinum #83-002, (near alabamense), op (Cr)
100. flammeum ‘Brick Ruffles’ x calendulaceum ‘Keowee Sunset’, op (Cr)
101. flammeum ‘Denmark Bluffs’ x calendulaceum ‘Keowee Sunset’,red (Cr)
102. Yellow Choptank seedling x flammeum “Big orange truss”, op (Cr)

Lepidote Rhododendrons, Hand Pollinated (hp)

103. Epoch-Augustinii x Crater Lake, hp (Hy) 104. Tet carolinianum-fasticiatum x Epoch-augustinii, hp (Hy)

Lepidote Rhododendrons, Open Pollinated (op)

105. 24 Karat, op (Go) 106. Epoch-augustinii, op (Hy)

Rare Seeds to be used for Bonus Packages

Native Azaleas (hp or cw):
107. arborescens var. georgiana x arborescens ‘Judd’s Arb’, hp, (Cr)
108. arborescens x Gregory Fuchsia, hp (Hy)
109. calendulacuem, ‘Hooper’s Copper’ cw, (Hy)
110. calendulacuem, ‘Roan Buttercup’, cw, (Hy)
111. calendulacuem, Carver’s Gap Lemon, cw
112. Gregory Melon Balls x Candy Stripe, hp
113. Hannah Coral x Gregory Fuchsia, hp (Hy)

Large Leaf Rhododendrons (hp):

114. Phipp’s Yellow x Glenolden, hp (Hy) 115. Janet Blair x Purple Splendour, hp (Hy)

Lepidote Rhododendrons (hp):

116. April Rose x veitchianum, hp (Hy) 117. mucronulatum album x veitchianum, (Hy)
118. New Patriot x veitchianum, hp (Hy)

Evergreen Azaleas (hp):

119. August to Frost x Enc. Autumn Rouge (Hy)
120. ”Walter’s Pinwheel” (= Koromo Shikibu x nakaharae) x Secret Wish (Hy)
121. Mino-no-sakite x Brookside Delight (Hy)
122. Mino-no-sakite x Lovely Linda (Hy)

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